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Brian has a passion for storytelling. With years of experience writing screenplays and novels, he brings a dynamically creative approach to his four plus years of freelance creative copywriting and copy editing.

He has written for a wide range of clients in a varied array of fields: Non-profit/NGO, real-estate/financial services, legal services, trade schools and the restaurant/catering industry. He brings a strong, clear voice to every brand and client he writes for.


3 Years freelance creative copywriting. Writing for a wide variety of clients across an array of platforms: Online, print, newsletters, blogs, video scripts and direct mail.


Co-authored the company brand playbook. Wrote a weekly in-house newsletter, articles on popular eSports figures sponsored by the company and edited articles by other writers.

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BA Criminal Justice Administration

Brian J. Green

Meet Brian

My first job was at a McDonalds, my first professional job was working at the Prudential Insurance Company. In retrospect, they both sucked. They were both also valuable learning experiences and each taught me something important; Being a corporate drone was not my life’s path and don’t trust McNuggets.

I choose the path of a writer. I have spent four years honing my skills as a creative copywriter, content creator, sitemap developer, and brand builder. Those skills are backed by over twenty years of creative screenwriting. Everything from cartoon shorts to live action feature films. Most recently I’ve given birth to a novel, because I love storytelling in all its forms and wanted to challenge myself to create something new, different and outside of my comfort zone. I’ve found that’s the best place to play when I’m looking to learn and grow.

Storytelling with the written word, to me, is the art of evoking emotion, world building, creating authentic voices and finding the story threads that resonate with everyone. I have a passion for it. It’s been a long running, slow-burn type of affair. One that’s endured through over thirty years of an otherwise winding career path.

I’d like to help you tell the stories you want to share.

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What others are saying about Brian...

"Brian is on his A-game. Period. His creativity and diligent work ethic make him such an asset to our agency. We really appreciate his flexibility and facetime he makes with our clients. We can always count on him for going the extra mile (okay-- 2 miles!) to ensure the deliverable exceeds all expectations. Brian has my greatest personal and professional recommendation. Any team would be lucky to collaborate with him!"

Ashley Tolusic
Ashley Tolusic Independent Consultant / RevThinker / Biz Dev

"If you make a list of ideal traits in a writer, you'll find Brian's qualifications. Creative. Articulate. Quick. Amazing attitude. Witty. Brian writes engaging and interesting copy, regardless of subject matter. His ability to tell a thoughtful story has made him an incredible resource and I'm grateful to have worked alongside him!"

Kimberly Tronic
Kimberly Tronic Marketing Manager/ Creative Copywriter
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